In lean transformations teaching and learning constantly mix and nurture each other, and innovative teaching methods arise to enhance learning effectiveness. In this dynamic context, what’s the role of lean educators? The conference program is arranged to explore and cover the lean educators challenge with a deep investigation on its impact in practice. Therefore the mashup of innovative methods and practices to bring learning from academia to industry and vice versa.

The conference addresses everyone who is dealing with lean education at any level, such as: academics doing research on lean thinking and practice; practitioners from either traditional manufacturing industry or service providers; students learning lean thinking and behaviors; coaches, consultants, and trainers who support organizations through their lean journeys. All are invited to join ELEC2019 to share their own lean education stories, how the learning occurs and how the teaching takes place, which innovative educational methods are more effective to support lean transformations and to enable individual and collective learning.

The program is structured to maximize the learning for all. The pre-conference workshops (SlickFarm, e.Do, educaLEAN, Lean Games, 3M’s) are optional, taking place November 11th and present alternative teaching methods, such as serious games, to transfers innovative concepts as scientific thinking applied to agile project management. 12th and 13th of November is when the conference is taking place. The program is a balanced mix of keynote speakers and industrial cases presentations during plenary sessions, and parallel sessions where academics will have the chance to present their research and scientific contributions on emerging topics, as well as scientific paper will be presented developed in strong collaboration with industry, also coaches and practitioners will share their experiences on lean education initiatives they are personally undertaking. Social events all along the conference will enrich the programme by creating the perfect environment where academy and industry, teachers and learners, and everyone could get together and maximize the conference experience and mutual learning. 

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