Day 0 | e.DO: Pre-conference Workshop

e.DO: Technology & Human, a Convergent Evolution Workshop

ELEC 2019 e.DO Pre-Workshop Presented by GELLIFY and COMAU

ELEC Pre-Conference Workshop Session 2: e.DO (Room MEL2)

Facilitators: Giuseppe Daqua (Comau), Federico Collarin (Gellify)

Location: MEL2

An immersive experience with GELLIFY experts & COMAU technologies: real experimentation of e.DO Robot will make participants understand how Humans & Technologies capabilities are reciprocally integrating, with a perspective on Industry 4.0 landscape. e.DO is a modular, multi-axis articulated robot with integrated open-source intelligence designed to make learning, creating, exploring and programming fun and more interactive. During the workshop, e.DO will teach elements of digital transformation and will allow participants to test and enhance hard and soft skills.

Participants: Anyone, people from big corporations or small companies, with or without any robotics knowledge will experience how e.DO robots can interact with humans to enclose unexpected dynamics that will lead the participants to understand the potential of human-machine integration, industrial culture and mindset.

Learning Objectives:
Will learn robots are not “scary” and represent the pivotal switch into an effective Industry 4.0 revolution.

  • Fundamentals of robotics and digital transformation
  •  Life skills such as cooperation, communication, problem solving, group work and creativity
  • Fundamentals of human-machine collaboration, which is a booster for industrial productivity and evolution. e.DO will teach participants not to be afraid of robotics and will show them that robots


  • Giuseppe Daqua: Mathematical Physicist, HR training specialist and responsible for educational e.Do experience COMAU
  • Federico Collarin: Industry 4.0 Consultant @ GELLIFY, a platform for B2B innovation, to connect consolidated companies and innovative B2B digital startups. Professional experience started in an AI Startup and then moved to consultancy, in EY. Master’s Degree in Management Engineering @ Politecnico di Torino, first class honours, with focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. MBA @ Collège des Ingénieurs, an international MBA Program with 6% admission rate and top level faculty professors (INSEAD, Harvard Business School, HEC, University of St.Gallen).

Comau, a leading worldwide manufacturer of industrial robots and automation solutions, is launching a unique, “build-it-yourself” 6-axis articulated robot project based on a 100% open-source hardware and software platform that allows users to understand how robotics work from the inside-out and the outside-in. The modular and compact IoT-enabled e.DO robot – designed and developed by Comau with the technical collaboration of Altran Italian team – is simple enough for a teenager to understand, and powerful enough to satisfy a certified engineer. 

Within the open and modular e.DO ecosystem, advanced robotics can mingle with people of all ages and interests. As an open-source project, the hardware and software structure designed to encourage application sharing and expansion via the growing e.DO community, or program new coding directly into the robot itself. By sharing applications and ideas, pioneers, tech enthusiasts, developers and others will continue to transform and expand e.DO’s experience base. 

Just like building blocks, the e.DO construction kit comes with a range of modular pieces including articulated joints, composite plastic casings, bi-directional motors and a four-prong gripper – everything needed to build and program a 6- or multi-axis articulated robot. Once configured, e.DO can handle a wide range of tasks – from simple pick and place movements and even acting as a guided vehicle. 

The multi-faceted e.DO robot can be used across multiple sectors and for multiple uses. It can be used in schools to help students with their coursework, it can be used at home to execute simple chores, and can be used to simulate and test a variety of business applications. With a resilient composite plastic structure, Made-in-Italy design and open architecture, e.DO has the power and flexibility to run virtually any application that falls within its speed and payload parameters. 

Key features:

  • Multi-faceted project directed at business, educational and consumer markets
  • 6-axis articulated robot kit featuring an open-source hardware and software architecture
  • Modular, flexible structure supports personalized configuration
  • User-friendly, highly-intuitive programming and control interface
  • Easily controlled from a tablet, laptop or PC
  • Embedded Raspberry Pi control system
  • Educational package and application support 
  • Backed by community-led expansion
  • Suitable for all experience and interest levels
  • IoT compliant (multisensor board distributed on every joint)